CPython, JPython, and corba

David Arnold arnold at dstc.edu.au
Sat Feb 12 20:53:48 EST 2000

-->"Bill" == Bill Scherer <scherbi at bam.com> writes:

  Bill> Pyro and dopy both use the select module which JPython doesn't
  Bill> have.  Is such a beast available for JPython? Fnorb uses some
  Bill> C so I don't think that will work either.

  Bill> Has anybody doen this, and if so, with what?

it's not clear whether you require the code to be portable, although
it would seem like that's the problem?

if not, you can use the standard ORB from Sun (JavaIDL?) from JPython
to talk to Fnorb or ILU or OmniORB in CPython.

alternatively, the C modules in Fnorb can be replaced: the parser
module isn't needed unless you want to generate the stub code, and the
marshalling module could be written in either Java or Python to
replace the C module (which is only there for performance).


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