Python misconceptions in IBM Ruby article...

Yukihiro Matsumoto matz at
Thu Feb 17 22:38:25 EST 2000

John Farrell <jfarrell at> writes:

|I agree that Python's OO features feel added on. Consider:
| * You have to pass self to each member function. There's no obvious
|   requirement that self need actually be the bound instance.
| * Classes are not types. This strongly suggests that Python had
|   types other than 'instance' first, and when objects were added,
|   it was too late to make all types classes.
| * In a method, fields of the bound instance need to be referenced
|   through the self parameter, because the scoping rules do not understand
|   about instance variables.
| * Proper OO languages do not use white space to delimit blocks,
|   and use semicolons and block delimiters.

They are exactly what I had in mind when I started to design Ruby 7
years ago.  Well, actually I didn't feel the last one, I just didn't
like block by indentation.

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