Whitespace as syntax (was Re: Python Rocks!)

Jesse Sweeney jesse at student.usyd.edu.au
Wed Feb 9 06:22:55 EST 2000

On Wed, 09 Feb 2000 11:19:54 +0100 (MET), Mikael Olofsson <mikael at isy.liu.se>


>I would actually prefer that the interpreter regarded mixed tabs/spaces
>indentation as an error, or at least that it produced a warning. The best 
>thing IMO would be if the interpreter only accepted one of these 
>indentation tokens, preferably tabs I think. If that was the case, then 
>these discussions would be less frequent, and we could concentrate on the 
>beauty of indentation. However, as I understand things, there is already 
>a lot of code out there with mixed tabs/spaces indentation. So, for the 
>sake of backwards compatibility, I guess we will have to live with an 
>interpreter that is sloppy in this respect.

Or, just use 'python -t' or 'python -tt'. Or tabnanny.py, or tabpolice.py, or
tabcleaner.py, or untabify.py.

    Pick your poison!,

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