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Adrian Eyre a.eyre at optichrome.com
Mon Feb 14 12:37:52 EST 2000

> there is no such thing as a PySequenceObject.

Erk. You're right. I just figured Python's internal object structure
had a vague hierarchy like this:

     +- Sequence
     |         +- List
     |         +- Tuple
     |         +- String
     +- Mapping
     |        +- Dictionary
     +- Number
             +- Integer
             +- Long integer

But actually it's far more bizarre.

>> Besides, I don't see the connection...

> you will.  you will.

Care to elaborate? :)

I was refering to the connection with my original post about the join()
method being added to the string object, when it more logically goes
on a list/sequence...


>>> s = "this is a test"
>>> s.split()
['this', 'is', 'a', 'test']

...seems reasonable, but...

>>> l = s.split()
>>> " ".join(l)
'this is a test'

...doesn't. If it were on a list, you could do things like this:

>>> s = "a:b:c"
>>> s.split(":").join(", ")
'a, b, c'

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