tkinter manual wanted

Rod Haper Rod.Haper at
Thu Feb 17 00:36:18 CET 2000

You might want to have a look at the book "Python and Tkinter
Programming" by John Grayson.  My copy just arrived from fatbrain on
Monday.  I haven't had a chance to do anything more than just thumb
through it yet but it looks promising.  I don't have it with me here at
work but it's a chunky 688 pages and appears to have lots of nontrivial
examples.  I don't recall the exact quote but among the recommendations
on the back cover is a good one from Guido.

Joseph Paish wrote:
> i am looking for a downloadable tkinter manual/tutorial.  i have found
> one or two on the web (on, i think) but would like
> something that can be read without going online.  pdf format would be
> ideal, if such a thing exists.
> thanks
> joe

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