Moving from perl to python: questions

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at
Wed Feb 16 10:17:16 EST 2000

David R. Favor wrote on 950685309:
> I'm moving from perl to python.


> Attached is a simple snippet of code that I'm having trouble with.

I do not see any attachement, sorry.

> Questions:
>   1) Best way to convert array argv[1:] into string to pass functions

You are looking for the 'join' function from the 'string' module:

Please note that sys.argv is a list, not an array. I don't know about
Perl, but in Python, those are two different things (there is an
array module, too).

>   2) How to implement a no-frills file slurp() function

What does the 'slurp' function do?
For file methods, look at:


Version: 3.12
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