Which GUI?

Vadim Zeitlin zeitlin at seth.lpthe.jussieu.fr
Tue Feb 29 13:44:10 EST 2000

On 28 Feb 2000 21:42:56 GMT, William Tanksley <wtanksle at hawking.armored.net> wrote:
>Well, I'm interested.  wxWindows is nice.  Perhaps a port on top of CDK
>would be easier?  www.vexus.ca/cdk?

 I get a 404 for this link and a quick search didn't find anything about it.
What is CDK?

>However, unless my memory is really bad, wxWindows used to support Curses.

 I think there was some kind of wxCurses port for 1.xx, but

a) wxWin 2.x is quite different from 1.x (and uncomparably better too)
b) I think it was never really usable (sorry if I'm mistaken)


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