Which GUI?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Mon Feb 21 12:08:59 EST 2000

J.C.Travers <J.C.Travers at durham.ac.uk> wrote:
> something as un-python like as Tcl/Tk (even
> with the Tkinter wrappers)

repeating a lie won't make it true.

since you still don't understand what Tkinter is,
but still think it's perfectly okay to spread mis-
information about it, here are some facts:

    Tkinter is a component oriented UI library, which
    is carefully designed to work well with Python.
    and vice versa -- a certain Python feature was
    in fact added in part to make Tkinter a bit easier
    to use (can you name this feature?)

    Tkinter is not the same thing as Tcl/Tk.  Tkinter
    doesn't rely on Tcl (libtk needs libtcl, but that's
    not the same thing -- and others have explained
    why things are this way.  besides, most Unixes
    come with libtcl and libtk installed these days).

    in fact, Tkinter isn't tightly bound to libtk.  It's
    not that hard to implement all relevant parts of
    Tkinter on top of other user interface libraries
    (this has been done, of course).

(before flaming back, please spend five minutes trying
to figure out who wrote Tkinter, and who's been main-
taining Tkinter for the last five years.  then spend five
minutes trying to figure out who wrote Python. then
spend five minutes thinking about what you just figured
out.  after that, if you still think Tkinter isn't Python-like,
please come up with a better argument than your "I'm
not qualified" post)


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