Dist. Object Directory (was: Re: An FTP based Python Module repository)

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at ub.d.umn.edu
Fri Feb 4 16:23:38 EST 2000

On 4 Feb 2000, chris patti wrote:

> Another big win in this is that it eases the automated retrieval and
> installation of modules, in the Perl world we have CPAN.pm which lets
> you say things like:
> install frobnitz
> And it will search the archive, find the latest version, download it
> and install it to your local Perl installation.

And to me, a similarily interesting idea would be to have a server with a
number of mirrors, that could host remote objects using dopy (alpha code,
but easy to use IMO) or fnord.  This probably isn't the most practical of
all things, but the idea fascinates me. 


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