CGI and Python

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Sat Jan 22 00:27:04 CET 2000

Hi everyone,

I used to do server-side web programming using java servlets; but know
I've tried Python; I'm just amazed. I never could develop as fast! I
think I'm converted.

There are some points that I would like to clear out before making the
full jump:

a) I know there are a couple of modules out there that make embedding
Python into Apache possible; does this allow for a programmer to have
Python objects residing in the server's process (i.e. as for Java
servlets) - and be accessible to all Python scripts running on the
server? Can a python "servlet" access other python "servlets"?

c) How is embedded (in Apache) Python performance? Does it compare to
mod_perl or Java servlets?

d) I would like someone(s) to come back to me and tell me about what
module they recommend - PCGI, PyApchache...(please, some -even
telegraphic style- explanations would be appreciated)

Thanks a lot-lot-lot!!!!

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