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Tue Mar 7 10:27:23 CET 2000


Maybe this is very trivial, but I hope you folks can give me a hand anyway.
I'm trying to use python with asp and run this code on IIS 4.0
The installation and configuration of IIS with the python script engine is
correct and works fine.
That is I can run .py files and some .asp files containing python.

Finally here's the prob.

<%@ LANGUAGE = Python %>

import string


category = Request.QueryString("cat")
if category == "mainmenu":  #Line 10
 <TITLE><%= category %></TITLE>
 <TITLE><%= category %></TITLE>

The variable category contains the parameter (I've used the win32traceutil
to confirm that).
This code generates the errormsg below. I've tried several different ways to
cope with this prob, and two problems keep coming up:
I can't check if category equals "somestring" and there is problems with the
if condition.
Hope you guys have a solution for this

Thanks in advance

Python ActiveX Scripting Engine error '80020009'

invalid syntax

/SCRIPTS/di.asp, line 10

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