Python good for translating GUI built in Java?

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On 13 Mar 2000 13:24:55 -0800, the infinitely wise Matthew L. Ginsberg
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>I've got a GUI application currently written in Java; it's about 16000
>lines.  It does a reasonable amount of computation, but Java is such a
>badly supported language that I'm thinking about porting it to
>something else.  Any language I use should be supported in both
>Windows (where my customers are) and linux (where I am).  It needs to
>be reasonably fast, and reasonably good at all the usual windows
>things -- file selection dialogs, popup menus, image manipulation, etc

Another choice you should look at for a Python GUI is 'wxPython',
available at:
This is a Python wrapper for 'wxWindows', a C++ GUI library which is
cross-platform between Win32 and GTK. I've found it very enjoyable to
use (and easier than Tkinter), and portability between Windows and
Linux is *flawless*. Also, its coverage of various widget types is
very thorough. You should take a look at it before deciding.

BTW, just curious: What is it in Java that you find "badly supported"?
I have my own compliants about Java, but lack of APIs or 3rd-party
support aren't among them.

Then-again-Python-has-a-%-sprintf-operator-and-Java-doesn'tly yours,

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