Choice Of Language (was: Python Advocacy)

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Mon Mar 13 22:28:51 CET 2000

Well, I currently do 100% of my current professional development in
Python.  So there's at least enough in the language to keep me busy in a
full time back-end development job.  Actually, this may change in the
future as I'll likely be doing more work in Java (particularly a Swing
application) but that's okay because Java's not half bad, and there is
always the opportunity to squeeze JPython in there.  JPython actually is
quite nice for testing Java classes, I understand.

PS If you want to know where I work you'll have to email me directly.


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> I have never programmed for a living.  (I enjoy it way too much to
ever do
> that! <wink 0.5>)  So let me ask all you folks that do.  What
percentage of
> your paid, professional time do you get to use Python?

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