Java editor for Python

Darrell darrell at
Sun Mar 19 18:39:27 CET 2000

[Magnus Lie Hetland]
> Darrell wrote in message
> >
> > Java ? Java !
> > We don't do no stinking JAVA!
> Who are you talking about? Are you saying that JPython is inferior to
> CPython?
> I don't really think the implementation platform should matter, as long as
> we
> are talking about programming in Python... As you can probably see, the
> subject
> is "Java editor for Python", not "Java editor for Java" ;)
> I have asked the same question before (that time without getting an
> answer) -
> in my case because I would like syntax colouring and indenting instead of
> simple
> text field when embedding JPython as a scripting language in Java
> applications.
> Please - don't turn comp.lang.python into another comp.lang.perl.misc or
> like...
> Or, if that is inevitable with the growth of the volume in this newsgroup,
> let's at least
> keep up the friendly and helpful tone as long as we can - please?

Sorry if this was taken seriously.
It was meant to be funny.

Humm, Is there some kind of thing like :) or :-> that I should add when
making fun of a stuff?


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