Remote Inbox inspector & mail-forwarder

Grant Edwards grant at nowhere.
Fri Mar 3 20:53:07 CET 2000

In article <IgEu4.2437$6b1.38601 at>, Nikolai Kirsebom wrote:

>I've made a small (and simple) module which makes it possible to inspect a
>remote Inbox and also have selected received mail-items forwarded to your
>home e-mail address.
>Module uses python COM extension and the mxDateTime module.  These must be
>installed.  If it sounds interesting, have a look and use it if you want to
>(and are allowed to).

I've written a mail-forwarder also.  After it runs for a couple
days, checking my inbox every minute or so, I get a COM error
about insufficient storage available.  

Seen anything like that?

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