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Moshe Zadka moshez at
Tue Mar 14 02:00:18 CET 2000

On 13 Mar 2000, Konrad Hinsen wrote:

> wware at (Will Ware) writes:
> > The kind of thing you're looking for would involve interrupting the
> > physical processor rather than the Python VM. Unfortunately, all your
> Indeed. But what then are the applications for which one might
> profitably use microthreads? It has to be Python code with no lengthy
> C code execution nor any potentially blocking I/O. Can you really
> get a measurable performance advantage over the standard OS threading?
> I'd expect that the interpreter overhead should be more important than
> the threading overhead. Or is it memory efficiency that you are aiming
> for?

What if you write a MOO-like universe? Few operations access IO (the 
database is synched to the disk in a seperate micro-thread, which does
block other threads occasionally, but it happens once per day), but
1000 threads might be a bit hard on an OS.
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