Philosophical long integer question...

Charles G Waldman cgw at
Thu Mar 30 01:13:03 CEST 2000

In article <38E23160.B16860C2 at>, Brian Kelley
<kelley at> wrote: 
> In the same vein as should 1/2 equal 0.5: 
> should (1 << 1000) produce a long int?  (It currently produces 0 on a 
> machine with 32 bit integers)

Yes, IMO,  int operations shouldn't overflow, they should automatically 
promote to long.

(And 1/2 should be 0.5, but I realize that won't ever change unless I donate
$1,000,000 to the Python Consortium.  And maybe not even then.  But it's
a moot point, because I'm not that rich)

And-the-square-root-of-minus-1-is-called-I-not-J'ly yrs,



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