Problem Embedding PythonWin in VC++ 6

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sat Mar 25 09:21:54 CET 2000

"Miles Rizzo" <milesrizzo at> wrote in message
news:A99C4E4230CD7B23.4ACDFE2CFC2E7039.0451184D836BA62E at
> > script in an MFC app using VC 6.0. I followed
> > the instructions in "Using Pythonwin in an external project"
> > (
but my
> > application crashes. The DLL loads and the address of the function
> found
> > but calling the Win32uiApplicationInit function causes a crash.

That doc is very old.  Just look at pythonwin.cpp - it is less than
150 lines of code (including blanks and comments).  You will note that
InitApplication() is where the DynamicApplicationInit() call now
lives, and InitInstance() simply calls glue.InitInstance().


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