Which CORBA binding ?

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Mon Mar 20 11:35:20 CET 2000

Hi. Thanks for the quick answer.

> Well, you can get some work done with ORBit-python. Bugs are being
> shaken out at a fast rate. But it doesn't use the CORBA standard for Python
> bindings.

What problems could arise of this ?

> It isn't able to compile IDL to stubs and skeletons, but
> imports it on the fly. This is quite fast, and does away with the need
> to locate the stubs and skeletons, but it can obviously be a
> bottleneck in some applications.

Agreed, but for me it sounds like a great feature.

> pyOrbit isn't able to compile IDL yet. You have to handcraft Python
> stubs and skeletons around the C versions. 

Ok, then ORBit-python sounds better for me.

> Are you interested in CORBA/Python in general or just for the GNOME
> environment?

in general. I've done some stuff in c++ with MICO (http://www.mico.org)
which now shall work together with some python clients and servers.

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