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Tue Mar 21 14:35:52 CET 2000

In article <8b7etk$tr5$1 at>, tiddlerdeja at wrote:
>I trying to manipulate a whole load of files. However I don't have
>write permission on all the files (I do have ownership of them).
>Can some tell me how I make a file writeable in a Python script?

You want os.chmod()

something like

import os,stat
def mkwrite(fp):
    os.chmod(fp,os.stat(fp)[stat.ST_MODE] | stat.S_IRWXU)

should work, not sure if stat.S_IRWXU is allways defined.

>A solution that would work in JPython1.1 would also be great!

Dunno about that, but I would try that same snippet first.

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