xmllib default value question

Jp Calderone exarkun at flashmail.com
Thu Mar 23 18:32:00 CET 2000

I'm using the xmllib toread in configuration files, but I don't 
quite understand how default values are supposed to be accessed.
I've created the tag_<attribute> dictionaries, and I'm pretty
sure the XML is correct, but I keep getting KeyErrors when I
try to look up the name of the value in the attribute dictionary.
Here's the basic code (and xml):

class ConfigParser(xmllib.XMLParser):

   tag_network = {'default': 'no'}
   tag_access = {'order': 'allow deny'}
   tag_allow = {'host': '*', 'port': '*'}
   tag_deny = {'host': '*', 'port': '*'}

   def start_allow(self, attr):
	self.value = (attr['host'], attr['port'])

<!DOCTYPE interface [
   <!ELEMENT allow #EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST allow
               host CDATA "*"
               port CDATA "*"  

	<allow host="somehost.com"/>

 As far as I can tell, this should invoke the start_allow()
method with a dictionary something like 
{'host': 'somehost.com', 'port': '*'} but the single line in
start_allow raises a KeyError on port.  Anyone know why/how
to fix this?

 Thanks in advance, jp

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