need fast parser for comma/space delimited numbers

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Sat Mar 18 19:39:39 CET 2000

> Um, I hate to tell you, but... oh, nevermind <wink>.

what .... he was refering to black beauties?????? (what is speed
called on the street these days?????)

> Absolutely. This cheap trick is frequently worth 30% to 60% in a
> moderate to tight loop.

this is great. probably worth more to me than this stinking csv parser

> I *think* I recall that int / float were somewhat faster, but I
> can't be sure. The major thing here is to get away from extra
> function calls. Flatten your loop as much as possible - function
> calls are (relatively) expensive.

yeah. tahts next on  the list.


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