How to make a *.pyd or a DLL of several modules?

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Mar 15 15:51:39 CET 2000

Harald Angelow writes:

> I have several Python modules and want to put them into a PYD or into a DLL.
> Freezing only supports executeables, so how can i make one DLL of these
> modules?

You want to freeze them? I'm sure you can do it with the 
frozen code in a dll, but frozen modules need to be listed in a 
table in the executable, so having the code in a dll won't help 
you any.

Maybe you want something like:

> Importing that DLL should be the same like importing all Modules.

I suppose you could play games with "from x import *", but I 
believe you'd regret it. If they are all user-accessible, then 
each should be imported explicitly by the user, or one should 
play the role of gateway to the others.

- Gordon

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