Is mxDateTime compatible with Installer

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Mar 1 03:27:02 CET 2000

[Calishar solves his problem with Installer & mxDateTime]

> The mxDateTime package is constructed as follows
> (libdir)[1]/DateTime/mxDateTime
> the DateTime package contains some other utilities (feasts, ISO, ARPA,
> lazyimport), and the mxDateTime package. the mxDateDtime package
> contains the mxDateTime.pyd file.  
> The file in DateTime imports the file, which
> imports the mxDateTime package. The file in the mxDateTime
> directory just imports the mxDateTime.pyd file.
> It looks as if either Installer was getting confused, or the final app
> was getting confused by having two levels of mxDateTime it could
> import. 

My head hurts just thinking about it ;-(. I'll experiment with 
mxDateTime one of these days soon.
> The way I ended up solving it was renaming the mxDateTime directory to
> something else, and copying the mxDateTime.pyd file to the dlls
> directory under (pythonroot)[2].

...or if my skull starts popping rivets, I'll just put the above in 
the FAQ.
> Since you know how Installer works a lot better than I do (or could
> hope to figure out during an insanity packed day) does my solution
> make logical sense? (I know it works, just wondering if you can
> explain why)

If it works, it must make sense :-). wxPython puts the .pyds in 
the package directory, and it is compatible with Installer. So, 
no, I don't understand why mxDateTime is a problem. Yet.
> Once again, thanks for all the help on this (and if you can figure out
> how to let us change icons on win9x machines, I promise to try to
> setup the first shrine to Gordon Macmillan in this city, can't do it
> someone else has beaten me to it)

I'm as anxious for public adulation as any geek, but it's 
Thomas Heller who contributed that code (and some other 
very choice bits as well). I'll try to look at that problem, as well.

- Gordon

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