Does Guido Have A Will? (The legal kind <wink>)

Alexander V. Voinov avv at
Wed Mar 22 23:00:59 CET 2000


Cameron Laird wrote:
> He's a celebrity, in the sense that he makes occasional
> appearances in the pages of the *Wall Street Journal*,
> *Forbes*, *New York Times*, and other popular organs
> that are puzzling over Open Source.  Moreover, he's a
> Friend of Python, having delivered the Keynote for the
> IPC7, designed Trove, ...

... and even wrote some modules, like rfc822, found in the standard
Python distribution. Grep gives five, where 'raymond' is mentioned (I
didn't check in what context, though). He also (at least) contributed to
the famous ncurses library. So he contradicts the known saying: "who
cannot do himself, teaches".


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