Splitting comp.lang.python

Mikael Olofsson mikael at isy.liu.se
Wed Mar 1 16:01:43 CET 2000

On 01-Mar-00 Gerrit Holl wrote:
 >  <quote name="Mikael Olofsson" date="951918286" email="mikael at isy.liu.se">
 > > Perhaps the best thing would be to keep c.l.py as it is as the general
 > > place for discussion, and then adding subgroups for specific interests.
 >  Perl uses:
 >   comp.lang.perl.announce
 >   comp.lang.perl.misc
 >   comp.lang.perl.tk
 >   comp.lang.perl.modules
 >   comp.lang.perl
 >   comp.lang.perl.moderated
 >  Maybe it's a good idea too do something like that on c.l.py.

Not necessarily exactly those subgroups, but definitely something in 
that direction, yes. Based on my first post in this thread, I come up 
with the following

  c.l.py             General
  c.l.py.gui         GUI
  c.l.py.os          os/platform dependent issues
  c.l.py.db          DataBase handling
  c.l.py.advocacy    Whitespace and such

The CGI subgroup that I proposed earlier is perhaps not especially
interresting. Many questions and discussions regarding CGI programming 
tend to be originating from poor understanding of Python itself, and 
its modules. I guess that is the way in to the Python world for many
newbies. It sure was for me once.

I think that it is better to have general subgroup names such as gui, 
os, db, and advocacy, rather than more explicit ones like tk, linux, 
sql, and whitespace. Maybe platform is better than os... I leave that
to the os/platform lawyers out there.


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