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"Matthew Barre" <mbarre at mac.com> wrote in message
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> I've seen wxPython praised by many here, and as a newbie who felt inundated
> by Tkinter I was looking forward to trying it. I've scoured the wxPython
> site, and I haven't found any predictions on when their Mac port will be
> finished. Does anyone here have any approximations?

The Mac version of the wxWindows C++ library has nearly caught up with the
MSW and GTK versions and is stable and robust.  What remains is to put the
Python wrappers on top of that.  Given that I don't have access to Mac
hardware that effort has been going a bit slowly, (okay, it hasn't moved at

Over the past couple days there has been some activity though.  Chris Barker
<cbarker at jps.net> has been drumming up some enthusiasm for doing the work and
trying to get some developers together to work on it.  You maight want to
drop him a line (or ask on the wxPython-users list,) and see if there is some
way that you can help out.

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