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Thu Mar 16 16:00:23 CET 2000

Chris Armstrong (punck at wrote:
> Another thing about the chat system: I need for it to be able to constantly
> stream in new content while still being able to type in your message and
> send it whenever you want. I know some programs like IRC clients do
> this without having two processes (one for the streaming content and
> one for the input). Oh, and one more thing, this'll all be using curses,
> if it matters.

You might be able to use microthreads, which should be available within
a week or two. The URL is
I'm not familiar enough with curses to know if there'd be any
incompatibility. I'd be interested in how things turn out; a few weeks
ago I emailed an economics professor, the author an educational
microeconomics simulator currently running in Vax Basic, who would like
to make his simulation web-based and run interactive sessions across the
country. The URL for his simulator is
I myself haven't done anything like an interactive web-based game and it
would be silly to try to reinvent the whole thing myself. Is there a URL
where I can read more about your project? Thanks.
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