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Patrick Phalen python-list at teleo.net
Wed Mar 8 03:41:41 CET 2000

[Purang Abolmaesumi, on Tue, 07 Mar 2000]

:: So, here is the problem: We would like to have a GUI which gets images from
:: a frame-grabber installed on the PC and show them on the screen (we have the
:: C functions right now which are running perfectly), send some data in
:: real-time to the VXWORKS machine (again, we have the C functions written)
:: and at the same time, interacts with user.
:: I have the following questions:
:: 1. Can we use Python for this?
:: 2. Can we call C functions in Python and vice versa easily?
:: 3. How fast is a Python program? Can we use it for a real-time application
:: like the one we have?
:: 4. If we use TKinter as the GUI, can we use our C functions for the
:: frame-grabber to show the image on the screen?

Since you're running under Linux, you might want to have a look at
SVGAlib (www.svgalib.org). Since it's a low-level library, it might meet
your real time needs better?

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