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>What this does is connect to a server and pull data from it based on each
>family name in the familyname list, using an SQL query.  Conceivably, this
>code should connect to server1 and pull data for all familynames and write
>that data to a file, server_familyname_date.  Then it should connect to
>server2 and do the same.  However, when it connects to server 2, it isn't
>pulling the familynames from the familyname list correctly.  Instead, it is
>pulling single character strings, like a, b, e, g, h, r, S (these are the
>actual strings, which may or may not have some bearing on one of my
>familyname entries, I haven't been able to verify).  Has anyone else seen
>problem remotely related to this?  Any help is appreciated.


Have you tried connecting just to server2?
What happens if you switch server2 and server1?
Have you considered using mxODBC?
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