Stuck at CH9 of PythonW32 book, VBA

Calishar calishar at *NOSPAM*
Wed Mar 15 05:11:24 CET 2000

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000 02:39:58 GMT, "Adolfo Aguirre" <puma111 at>

>I just bought the new book "Python Programming on W32". CH9 starts with an
>excel exercise that requires the VBA editor. Instructions are given for
>Office 97.
>I have Office2000. And I don't see a VBA editor in it. When I tried to
>reinstall Office 2000 I did not see VBA as amodule option either.

The visual basic editor is under the Macros option under the Tools
menu. It's possible the tools menu won't display the Macros if you
havent used it before, in which case, just hold the mouse cursor (for
about a second) over the double down arrow at the bottom of the menu,
or select the double down arrow like any other menu option.

thanking-Microsoft-for-changing-how-menus-work-ly yrs,

(neat, I finally get to use a -ly-yrs)

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