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Joseph Crowe jcrowe at
Wed Mar 1 20:52:07 CET 2000

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Timothy Grant wrote:
> You know Francois, this was my first reaction to this also. A good
> editor makes such a huge difference that I can barely work in one that
> doesn't have a "python" mode and syntax highlighting. However, it does
> take a little work to configure and editor to make it work.
> Tye, have you taken a look at an editor with a Python mode? or used Idle
> or Pythonwin?
Hi All,

    Actually, vim...or more precisely, gvim seems to work very well in
Python mode as far as syntax highlighting goes.  Also, it's freely
available for most any platform and I think delivers with just about
any distro of Linux.
> Stand Fast,
>     tjg.

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