import & __import__

Chris Armstrong punck at
Sun Mar 12 23:28:32 CET 2000

Hi all. I'm pretty much a newbie to Python, and I have a question about 
import vs __import__. I'm implementing dynamically imported modules in
a game I'm writing, and I need to use __import__ to do this. One thing I
noticed is that __import__ doesn't seem to execute the modules that it
imports, while import does.. The docs for __import__ don't mention anything
about this, and I'm just curious about it. I tested this by making a simple
module that just has `` print "Hi." '' in it. `` import modulename '' caused
it to print out "Hi." while `` foobar = __import__("modulename") '' didn't.
This isn't really important to me, I was just curious about it.

Chris Armstrong

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