win32com.client.dynamic: VARIANT type not supported for SAFEARRAYS

Reini Urban rurban at
Fri Mar 3 19:18:36 CET 2000

Mark Hammond wrote:
>"Olaf Trygve Berglihn" <olafb at> wrote in message
>news:dn1n1oi7mw4.fsf at
>> TypeError: The VARIANT type is not supported for SAFEARRAYS
>> Any explanations and/or suggestions?
>The Python COM framework doesnt have support for that variant type in
>safe array :-(  I have no idea what the variant type is, but it must
>be one of the more obscure ones.  What is the property defined as
>returning?  Presumably it is an array, but of what?

Not a obscure one.
A safearray of variants is a generic array which holds the union type
(aka Variant, i.e. any type) instead of immediate (aka typed) data.

The Variant is the basic IDispatch (late bound OLE) type, used to pass
any types to/from ActiveX objects.
The Safearray is an extension of a variant, holding a range-checked and
type-checked array.
A Safearray of variants is the most generic array type.
Reini Urban

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