emacs can't find python-mode

John Corradi jpc at informatics.jax.org
Wed Mar 8 21:25:18 CET 2000

Hi All,

I've tried to install the python-mode.el for Emacs 20.3.1, but it tells
me it can't find python-mode.  I followed all of the instructions on
the Python site.  I've never customized Emacs before and the only lines
in my new .emacs file are the ones for using the python-mode library. 
When I try "M-x locate-library RET python-mode RET" it tells me that it
can't find python-mode in the search path despite the fact that I've
added the appropriate line to my .emacs file.  Am I missing something? 
How do I make sure python-mode is in the load-path?  TIA.



John Corradi
jpc at informatics.jax.org

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