Python and Active Directory

John Nielsen nielsenjf at
Sat Mar 11 02:04:19 CET 2000

Using the constant 1 seemed to work (throwing in erroneous constants
does make errors), but I didn't sniff packets to make sure.

Btw, the pythonldap module (works fine w/exchange), looks to support
kerberos(I haven't tested it), which may be useful for those playing
with win2000.

It is nicer than ADSI in some ways since it leverages python
dictionaries. And, of course, pythonldap allows a unix box to talk to an
MS box.


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  "Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote:
> "Augustine David" <augustine_david at> wrote in message
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> > I am attempting to reproduce the SDK examples below in Python.  I
> have ran
> > "makepy" on the type library,
> > but I am unsure how to call any of its classes using
> > "win32com.client.Dispatch".  Any input you can give me
> > would be appreciated.
> This is a little painful unfortunately.  Note the second line - this
> is necessary to force the constant ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION into the
> COM constants namespace.   This second line was generated by running
> " -i".  Otherwise you could just use the literal constant 1
> :-)  Normally the constants are "magically" loaded by the time you
> need them, but not in this case.
> This requires build 128 of win32all.  Also I cant make it work, but I
> think I simply can't get the strings correct (Ive struggled with this
> before :-(

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