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Mon Mar 27 20:08:42 CEST 2000

Michael Sobolev wrote:
> I do not know whether this is a proper place to ask this question. :)
> When I got Python 3000 sources (from CVS) and tried to build it, I saw
> that it uses VERSION="1.5" all the time.  Is it by design?  I mean
> prevents me from direct installing this new version as it's going to
> replace the files from existing python 1.5.2...

Python 3000 is a code name for a future redesign of
the python language.

The stuff in CVS is "bleeding edge python", and is
currently known as "1.5.2+".  To use this in paralell,
just install it by hand (copy the interpreter and the
Lib directory to some suitable location).

1.6 alphas will be available soonish.


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