does opensource move faster with python?

Grant Edwards grant at nowhere.
Fri Mar 3 20:50:49 CET 2000

In article <m3ln44t4hz.fsf at>, Bernhard Herzog wrote:
>"Michal Wallace (sabren)" <sabren at> writes:
>My drawing program Sketch might fit this description although I don't
>intend to replace Python with C, only to rewrite some parts in C if the
>Python equivalent turns out to be too slow.

I switched from xfig to sketch a couple months ago.  So far
sketch has been plenty fast enough in interactive use (AMD
K6-350 w/ 64M).  The command-line eps-exporter program is
noticably slower than the transfig equivalent, but not enough
to worry about.

>Python is much too valuable to throw away. Adding support for user
>supplied scripts is a piece of cake, for instance, 

And I can testify that writing user scripts is a piece of cake
due to their being in python.

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