Microthreads is now available

Robin Becker robin at jessikat.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 29 08:55:37 CEST 2000

In article <Fs5ryo.E87 at world.std.com>, Will Ware <wware at world.std.com>

I installed the binary package last night and was surprised that so
little comes with the package. No documentation & no examples is bad for
user acceptance. Should I download the source to get further

as for the uthreads stuff thanks Will

>With Chris Tismer's release of Stackless Python 1.1 and
>Continuations 0.8, Python Microthreads are Now Available
>to the General Python-Consuming Public. Microthreads are
>useful when you want to program many behaviors happening
>simultaneously. Simulations and games often want to model
>the simultaneous and independent behavior of many people,
>many businesses, many monsters, many physical objects, many
>spaceships, and so forth. With microthreads, you can code
>these behaviors as Python functions. You only need to think
>a teeny bit about the fact that context switching occurs
>between threads. There are also handy conveniences roughly
>analogous to what you'd find in a real-time operating system
>like PSOS or VxWorks.
>Once you a working Stackless Python 1.1 build, all you need
>is to fetch this file and put it anywhere in your PYTHONPATH:
>If you want a collection of test cases, roughly corresponding
>to the examples in the manual, pick up:
>The Microthreads Manual resides at:
>Information about Stackless Python and Continuations is available

Robin Becker

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