Language forks (was: Python tutorial/comparison for C++ programmer)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Mar 27 01:47:42 CEST 2000

"Grant Edwards" <nobody at nowhere.nohow> wrote in message
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> Cameron Laird wrote:
> >
> > how does it happen that CPython and JPython
> > happily co-exist?
> Because they've decided to?  The goal of one is not to kill the
other. That
> can rarely be said of MS's attitude towards other entities in the SW
> MS seems to actively attempt to diverge from standards in order to
try to
> kill off those standards and establish their own dominance.

This also works in reverse - I think it would be accurate to say that
the rest of the industry is very suspicious of MS, and very relucant
to work with MS or embrace their standard deviations - even on the
(possibly rare) occasions when it is a necessary and well designed

Don't forget that CPython also made concessions to JPython - wanting
to work with each other cuts both ways...


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