what do you expect?

mindlace mindlace at imeme.net
Thu Mar 23 04:20:50 CET 2000

Flying Circus,

   I'm trying to do expect-like behavior in python.  I tried to install
PIPE 1.0, but I get an error along the way.  I moved on to ExpectPy 1.8,
which looks more maintained. 

   When I run ./configure, I get this error: 

./configure: unset: `ac_cv_lib_expect5.30.1_exp_expectv': not a valid
checking for exp_expectv in -lexpect5.30.1... (cached) no
configure: error: Cannot compile with the Expect library

I removed expect and compiled and installed the expect that the
ExpectPy's site suggested, and I received the same error when I
attempted to install.

I then tried again to use expect from Debian potato, receiving the above
I have tcl8.0.


Now, I'm not committed to expect, but I have to run passwd from Zope, so
it seemed to be the right decision.  Is there a better way to do this?

ethan fremen
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