Python performance

Chris Ryland cpr at
Tue Mar 7 05:46:07 CET 2000

The recent Python-for-Lisp-ers note and other recent notes have brought up
Python performance.

I'm just curious (being an old language hacker for 30+ years but new to
Python): why is Python performance ultimately any worse than Lisp?

Is it because there's only been one major implementation effort so far, and
so people haven't had a chance to learn the techniques required to make it
run fast, while Lisp has had 30+ years to mature?

What's so different about compiling Python vs. Lisp? Some Lisp compilers
have gotten quite good over the years.

I realize this is a big subject, and that many of you Python wizards out
there have thought a good deal about it, and I don't want to open a can of
worms, but if someone can summarize the issues, that'd sure be helpful to
someone who wants to understand them.

/ Chris Ryland, President / Em Software, Inc. /

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