Python and Wavelets

Brian Kelley kelley at
Wed Mar 29 19:01:11 CEST 2000

Ralf Muschall wrote:

> Richard P. Muller wrote:
> > I am thinking of putting together a python module to handle wavelets. I
> This would be nice, expecially if it would be a module that somehow
> works with NumPy objects (people who want wavelets will probably
> have installed NumPy anyway).
> Ralf

There are some good starting points so you might not have to reinvent the
wheel.  One of the best (and free) packages that I have used is called
WaveLib from INRIA which is a C library for doing wavelet transforms.
Unfortunately, you have to e-mail them to get permission and the location of
the source code! (bourges at

A comprehensize but slightly outdated list of wavelet packages is available

Good luck!
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