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Christian Stolte stolte at fuchinobe.skk.slb.com
Fri Mar 31 11:18:27 CEST 2000

Wow, I am very very impressed with Python after a day of play!!

Now before I dig deeper I'd appreciate a few hints from seasoned users on
my problem:

I'd like to web-present a file structure (=pseudo database) in different sort
orders with info and pics, nice and webby.

a. project view - split frame  left:  all projs to select from
                               right: detailed info with short descr,
                                      pics etc
b. data view    - split frame  left:  grouped data to select from
                               right: detailed info with project information

I know there is Zope, but that's too much. So what about picking the files
into a directory like list, then sort that list in different ways and
display it with HTMLGen???

Surely this has been done and can be picked like a ripe plum? Where can I
find more examples for HTMLgen ?

Best regards and thansk for any hints of where to throw my brain at

Christian Stolte, Schlumberger, Japan

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