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> I am trying to import a module (using the 'import' statement) into an
> ASP page and it does not seem to be working.  Is this a limitation of
> Python/ASP or am I doing something wrong?

There are a couple of things you might want to check:

That the Win32 Python Extensions are properly installed.

Your Python version is 1.5.2.

<%@Language=Python%> as the first executable line in the ASP file.

Between the <% %> delimiters, leading spaces are important. For instance:

import sys
pyVersion = sys.version

will work. Whereas

  import sys
  pyVersion = sys.version

will fail.  The interpreter doesn't like the leading spaces in front of 
import and pyVersion.

Here's a sample ASP file that should work as-is (it works for me).  Copy 
and paste it into an ASP file and execute it from your server.  It should 
display the current Python version and a list of server environment 

If this doesn't work, your Win32 Extensions installation may be hosed up.

-----------[ copy after this line ]--------------
# NO leading spaces here
indent = " " * 5

def emitEnv():
  # leading spaces needed here...
  import os
  for key in os.environ.keys():
    Response.Write("<br>%s<b>%s</b>=%s\n" % 
                   (indent, key, os.environ[key]))

# again, NO leading spaces here
import sys
pyVersion = sys.version
<h3>Current Python Version</h3>
<p><%=indent + pyVersion%></p>
<h3>Server Environment Variables</h3>
# no leading spaces, yet again
-----------[ copy before this line ]--------------

Hope this helps some.

Btw, it sometimes makes it easier to get assistance around here if you 
include error messages and/or tracebacks when you have problems.  "import 
won't work" is a bit vague.  Just a thought.... <g>

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