Getting a class attribute

Alex alex at
Fri Mar 24 22:05:31 CET 2000

> That lets you get access to "self", but at the cost of rewriting the
> class method itself.

Ouch, yeah that could be bad.  It would be nice if you could make a new
version of the class, something like this:

new_class = copy.copy (self.__class__)
def new_degree_sin4 (self, deg, factor=(a*(math.pi/180)),
    return sin (deg * factor)
new_class.new_degree_sin4 = new_degree_sin4
self.__class__ = new_class

but it seems that classes aren't copy'able.  Plus, this has other
problems with class members that you actually would like to be
accessible to all instances.  Oh, well.


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