Python good for translating GUI built in Java?

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Tue Mar 14 10:46:39 CET 2000

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>>BTW, just curious: What is it in Java that you find "badly supported"?
>>I have my own compliants about Java, but lack of APIs or 3rd-party
>>support aren't among them.
>Let's see.  Principal complaint: between 1.1.7A and 1.2, they changed it
>so that spawning a subprocess always pops up a dos window, which is
>fatal for my app.  Sun has been completely nonresponsive to complaints
>(mine and others) that they fix this.  In addition, 1.2 is 10MB bigger
>than 1.1.7A, which is also bad news for me (the program I'm spawning
>is a memory hog).  So I'm stuck with 1.1.7A, and awt is badly
>implemented, with lots of bugs, etc ...
>						Matt Ginsberg

... and this is from a fellow who only cares about Win* and
Linux.  Responsibility for HP-UX or Tru64 Unix, say, brings
one back to Gordon's gibe that *portably-coded* Java is orders
of magnitude more verbose than comparable Python.

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