need fast parser for comma/space delimited numbers

Michael A. Miller mmiller3 at
Sun Mar 19 23:36:51 CET 2000

>>>>> "Les" == Les Schaffer <godzilla at> writes:

    >> TableIO [1] does exactly what you're looking for and is
    >> reasonably fast I think.

    > oh, one other thing. my data files will have varied numbers
    > of columns per file. does your parser check automatically
    > for column width?

It checks that the number of fields in each non-comment line is
constant.  I think that part would be fairly simple to remove.
My original intention for the module was to move the
string-to-float conversions from Python to C to speed up the
reading of tabular data in rectangular arrays.  Although the
wrapper returns NumPy arrays, the C module returns a dictionary
that contains a list of numbers.  It would be fairly simple to
remove the column number checking and to return a list of lists,
where each line was converted to a list of appropriate length.


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