catching X client kills in Tkinter

Timothy Docker timd at
Wed Mar 1 23:06:38 CET 2000

Randall Hopper writes:

 >  |Unfortunately this doesn't catch the situation where the X server
 >  |exits, or forcible closes the socket connection (done byt the xkill
 >  |command). 
 > Right, that would be an kill, not a close.
 > When the X server is coming down, I don't think there's a guarentee you'll
 > even get a catchable event.

I seem to get to my callback for XSetIOHandler when the X server dies
or the xkill command is run. Not sure about guarantees, but this is
good enough for me.

 > XSetIOHandler will handle some of these cases ("e.g. not kill -9").  Safest
 > bet might be to run your GUI in a subprocess and have the parent "do the
 > right thing" when its child is killed.

Yep, you're never going to catch a kill -9. Running in a subprocess
would be one way, but this could get messy, as all the state for
cleaning up is available in the program being terminated.



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