Splitting comp.lang.python

Paul Boddie paulb at infercor.no
Fri Mar 3 11:44:04 CET 2000

John Farrell wrote:
> This is a painful thread, but a necessary one I think. Based on the
> keywords I look for to delete articles I'm not interested in, I suggest
> the following groups:
> comp.lang.python
> comp.lang.python.cgi
> comp.lang.python.db
> comp.lang.python.jpython
> comp.lang.python.tk
> comp.lang.python.win32
> comp.lang.python.wx
> comp.lang.python.zope

This fragments the discussions far too much, I think, and will only result in
cross-posting as people attempt to work out which group their "ASP with SQL
Server" problem should be posted to.

> Maybe also comp.lang.python.newbie, but would it be used?
> I would also like to see a newsgroup for people who are working on the
> Python implementation, but I can't think of a good name for it.
> jpython and wxpython already have their own mailing lists, so I
> believe they can sustain a discussion.

It all depends on whether you think the mailing lists aren't doing a good enough
job of attracting and sustaining discussions at the moment. There aren't that
many Zope questions appearing on comp.lang.python, especially when you consider
the volume of messages on the main Zope mailing lists, and although I haven't
followed the general Zope list for months, I would expect that community to
initiate a process towards creating a newsgroup if they felt that it were
necessary. I seem to remember a lack of enthusiasm about a Zope newsgroup.

Perhaps more encompassing groups could be created, since I don't believe that
people are so focused on, for example, one specific GUI not to be interested in
the development of others.

    comp.lang.python            - keep the general group as it is
    comp.lang.python.gui        - covers Tk, wxWindows, Gtk, Qt, Win32 etc.
    comp.lang.python.www        - Web programming - CGI, ASP etc.

And even now I'm not sure about this selection.

too-much-time-deciding-where-to-post-means-too-little-time-posting-ly y'rs,


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